Ooh La La! – Roundup #3

Ooh La La! – Roundup #3

Round-up time!  Read anything good lately?  Comment below and we may include it in our next edition!

5 ways to beat jetlag by Everyday Parisian
Everyone loves to fly to Paris, but not many people love to fly.

French marathon where runners eat cheese and oysters by the Daily Mail
I have never done this (not a marathon runner) , but even I am tempted to sign up for this one! 😂 Registration is open.

The last collection of Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel by the BBC
A controversial figure at times, but certainly a great artist.  Rest In Peace.

Paul Pogba Buys Rings for France’s World Cup Team by Sports Illustrated
We still are in love with France’s big win at the World Cup, so had to share this story.  

Thoughts after my YouTube video went viral by Oui in France
Host Diane did a video “Behind the Scenes at a French Bakery” which went viral, and talks about her experience.  Do you have a youtube channel? Should we get one? Stagefright!

The inside of a Parisian loft by The Architectural Digest
It is gorgeous and minimalist, but I’m not sure it would stay that way with kids around! And I’m not sure I like the painted white floors. Thoughts? Comment below!

Joke of the day: 

That moment when you’re chilling out in your pyjamas,  trying to ignore the kids… 

Maman oh oh meme
Ooh La La! - Roundup #3

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