Ooh La La – Roundup # 4

Ooh La La – Roundup # 4

Round-up time!  Read anything good lately?  Comment below and we may include it in our next edition!

The Literal Translation of Country Namesby The Lonely Planet

Not necessarily to do with France, but I quite enjoyed this one. France was originally “The land of the Franks” which is alright I suppose. Our neighbors Spain, had a much more interesting translation: Land of Many Rabbits. See the full map with closeups.

Why the French are so arrogant (and why Norwegians aren’t) – by A Frog in the Fjord

An interesting self-reflection by an expat Frenchwoman who is now based in Norway, reflecting on French arrogance compared to that of Norwegians.

Remembering a 27-year-old Female Leader of the French Resistance – by The New York Times

All over France, the names of the great resistance leaders are heralded on streets and squares, but the name Marie-Madeline Fourcade is largely missing. Perhaps because she was a woman. A fascinating read about the woman who ran France’s largest spy network against the Nazis.

Square Leon Serpollet & 700 Jewish Children – by Zen and the Art of being in Paris

Speaking of World War II, here is a beautiful article about Zen on one of those hidden corners of Paris. We as locals walk by every day, without taking the time to reflect. Perhaps to protect ourselves from the devastating heartbreak of it all…

The Famous French Tut-Tut (and I) by Bree Ellen

For something a bit lighter, an Aussie mom living in Paris has a hilarious recounting of all the reasons you might get told off in France.

French Tea Time: A Guide to Afternoon Tea in Paris – by Independent Travel Cats

Bloggers Jessica and Laurence do high-tea at several fancy Hotel “Palaces” in Paris. Ooh là là!

France resuscitates dying villages 1 cafe at a time – by Associated Press

The French Government is trying to save those classic watering holes that little French villages revolve around. Those places where everybody knows your name.

French Quote of the Day:

Live every moment.

Illustration quote: Eat well, laugh often, love a lot. In French, Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup

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