Ooh La La – Roundup # 1

Ooh La La – Roundup # 1

We decided to start a new feature since there are so many lovely articles we come across on the web.  Introducing Round up time! Read anything good lately? Comment below and we may include it in our next edition! 

Evening in Paris Dinner by the NY Times
A sumptuous recount of hosting a “dinner party” Parisian style.  The author Dorie Greenspan is a cookbook author, so of course the meal looks fabulous!

Expat Moms On Breastfeeding (Or Not) In France by Les Lolos
An interesting article on the always controversial topic of breastfeeding.  Or rather, breastfeeding itself is not controversial, the technicalities and logistics, on the other hand, everybody has an opinion!

Explore France’s Loire Valley in the Footsteps of Leonardo da Vinci by Smithsonian magazine 
If you are ever in the Loire Valley, you must visit the Clos Lucé, the final residence of Leonardo da Vinci.  More than just restoring his chambers, the owners have built life-size versions many of his inventions in the gardens. There is also a quiz for children as they explore along, and French children often visit on field-trips from school.  A beautiful dedication to the life of a Genius.

3 days in Paris by A Girl, A Style 
Sometimes we forget where we live, in between the mundane: pick up the kids, buy groceries, remember to fill the car with gas, etc.  So it is nice to read what Paris is like from a visitors’ point of view and do all the things that we should be doing, but don’t!

10 must eat foods in Paris by Paris Food Affair
Now, you probably get a lot of the items on this list in North America, but this is a fun list in any case!  I’m hungry, now.  

Gourmet Food Gifts by La Vie Ann Rose 
Speaking of visiting Paris, you can’t leave without a few souvenirs!

Monoprix: Urban Chic made in France by French Girl in Seattle
 And if you are still looking for stuff to bring home, have a browse through Monoprix.  You will definitely find something you like!

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Ooh La La - Roundup # 1 1

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Ooh La La – Roundup # 1

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