French nursery decor: 14 Chic furniture ideas

A French nursery doesn't have to be fussy. Instead of the old French Provincial, decorate with your baby's bedroom in the new Parisian-style.
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A French nursery doesn’t have to be fussy. Living in Paris, I can tell you that most French people expecting a baby don’t usually decorate their nurseries with heavy 18th century-style ornate furniture that passes for “French provincial” these days. (Well, unless they are 70+ years old, in which case they are not having babies!)

The new Parisian-style nursery is more about elegant lines, classic pieces that can grow with your new baby. Pieces that are washable and easy to clean when the baby inevitably spits up on it.

Bringing a new baby home is one of the biggest life changes that parents all over the world go through, so you want to be prepared for it. So let’s have a look at the favorite nursery picks of French parents, shall we? Allons-y!

1. The Moses Basket

French moses basket
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Your wee lil’ newborn is not quite ready for his big crib yet, so get this beautiful Moses basket made from 100% natural woven rattan.

The perfect bassinet, it comes with a washable cushion mattress and is lightweight enough to easily carry your sleeping baby from room to room. It can be placed next to your bed to make for handy night-time feedings, and is also quite convenient move when needed.

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2. The Rug

rug for nursery
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Nursery decor should be warm and inviting, but you may also want to add a touch of luxury. Go against the grain, with this charming Belle Viscose rug in soothing pastel shades.

With an interesting pattern and soothing pastel tones, who says you can’t put this in a baby’s room? This low-pile rug is sweet and soft, a perfect choice for that chic nursery.

Soft and warm enough for belly time, but it is still stylish and sophisticated enough to have in any room.

I also love that it has touches of reds and blues, greys and yellows, so as not to fall into any gender stereotypes, and can easily grow with your child’s tastes.

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3. The Cot

oval green cot
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Newborns usually don’t like being in large beds by themselves, after the comforting warmth of the womb, so this unique oval baby crib tries to meet those needs.

This crib from Stokke expands as the baby grows, making it a sweet little cocoon for your little one.

I also love the round edges instead of corners that take up less space in small Parisian apartments. (And it helps that older toddlers children are less likely to careen and crash into it and hurt themselves!)

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4. The Bedding

white luxury bedding for nursery
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For that warm and cozy feeling, get this 6-piece ivory linen bedding set in a luxurious creamy white.

The set includes a duvet cover, a fitted sheet, two pillow cases, and one blanket so you can adjust the bedding from summer to winter, as your baby needs. And a something a little extra: a pair of baby booties. Too cute for words!

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5. The Mirror

French style mirror
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Babies love looking at themselves, so add a touch of “fancy” with this gorgeous vintage-style gold-tinted mirror.

This style of mirror is pretty much de rigueur in French homes over a fireplace or large cabinet, adding a traditional and luxurious focal point to any room.

Hang it on a wall, or place it on a console, this statement piece speaks for itself.

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6. The Changing Table

baby change table
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This multi-purpose changing table doubles as a dresser and is ideal for storing all that baby gear. Its elegant shaker-style design will bring a classic touch to any nursery.

It is also long enough that you can change baby on one side and keep a set of diapers, baby wipes, creams, etc. within easy reach so that you don’t have to leave the baby alone while rummaging around.

One of the pieces of furniture that can grow with your child, it also makes for easy storage of foldable items, like all those socks, undervests, etc. in different compartments and drawers.

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7. The Art

owl painting by Ainsi Hardi
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Say goodbye to blank and boring walls and introduce your little one to nature with this cuddly set of animals that is perfect for a nursery.

Minimalist and gender-neutral, this blue and green owl comes with a set of friends: an adorable whale, cuddly lion, and sweet little elephant.

As a set, these giclée prints can be purchased separately or all together in different sizes depending on the wall space in your nursery.

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8. The Rocking Chair

rocking chair for French nursery
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As the saying goes, “the nights are long, but the years are short.” For those late nights, get this rocker that is gorgeous enough to later transition into your living room.

Even if you don’t have a heirloom armchair dating back to the 17th century, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a cozy and classic style rocker that is going to be loved by moms, dads, and babies.

With its plush and comfortable cushions, it moves in a smooth and gentle 360 degree swivel motion, as well as forward and backward.

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9. The Armoire

white shaker-style armoire
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You can never have enough storage, so get this shaker-style large armoire for all your blankets, linens, sweaters, towels, and everything else you could possibly think of!

With adjustable shelves and a sleek bottom drawer, this armoire is easily adaptable for all your storage needs. It is deep enough that you can put in storage boxes and baskets as necessary.

The armoire is also sleek and elegant enough to adapt as your child grows, which we always love.

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10. The Clothes Hamper

wicker laundry basket
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Babies are cute and all, but they do need a lot of laundry! With spit-ups and throw-ups, diaper explosions, and all those other things we don’t like to think about, that little baby is likely going to need to be changed several times a day.

Get this wicker laundry basket with removable liner, that is light and easy to carry over to your laundry room. It comes in a set of two, because you can never have too many storage baskets.

Make your life easier by using one for dirty linens and the other for clothes that have not been folded and put away yet so that your little one always has something clean to wear.

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11. The Chandelier

leaf design chandelier
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This dreamy chandelier will bring a touch of whimsy to any baby’s room. With layers of individual wrought iron melded together, the shimmering metal will bring just enough light and softness into your nursery.

It is decorative without being overwhelming and casts soft and beautiful leaf shadows over the ceiling, giving young and old something to look at and discover.

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12. The Toy Mobile

Elephant baby mobile
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This darling little elephant mobile will bring a touch of whimsy to your nursery, without overpowering it. Soft and pastel colors are more likely to avoid overstimulating a baby, so I like this baby mobile since it also goes well with the animal artwork on wall.

These sweet and subtle grey tones are perfect for calming and entertaining your young baby. They are in bed to rest and sleep after all!

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13. The Storage Baskets

storage baskets
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Collect everything at the end of the day, from stuffed toys to teething rings, and chuck them into these fabric storage baskets. You’ll be happy to not be tripping over all that baby paraphernalia in the middle of the night!

And if your baby is moving about and ready to explore, they can dive in and search their favorite toy without risk of injury.

Along with the baby’s room, I also like these type of baskets to store toys in the living or family room because they are easy enough to hide and slide under the coffee table, and keep out of view.

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14. The Lamp

lighthouse shaped lamp for nursery
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This farmhouse-style lighthouse shaped lamp is a quintessential must for any kid’s room. And the best part is that it comes in a set of two!

Place one near the crib and another near the rocking chair to provide just enough light for a cozy cuddle during that nightly bedtime story.

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So which piece is your favorite? Have you ordered it already? Comment below and let me know. And if you enjoyed that article, you may want to read more about what it is like to be pregnant in France. A bientôt!

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