Find traditional and classic food from France, that is easy to make.  With the emphasis on “Easy”!  No one has time for elaborate recipes that take 3 days to prepare.  So here are the quick food recipes and French meal ideas, adapted for modern times.

French Food

french food

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Homemade Sauce Espagnole (Recipe)

This Recipe uses: ButterFlourBeef stock (low sodium)1 Small carrot1 Small onion (white or yellow) Canned tomato puréeGarlic clovesCeleryBay leaf(Optional) bacon lardonsPinch of salt and pepper Espagnole sauce literally translates to Spanish sauce. Don't be fooled though, this classic French sauce…


Homemade French Velouté sauce (Recipe)

This Recipe uses: ButterFlourChicken stock crème fraiche (heavy cream)Pinch of salt and pepper One of the most classic French sauces is a velouté, which is simply a thickened stock, typically made with chicken or veal stock. Velouté is the French…


Easy French Tartare Sauce recipe

This Recipe uses: Dill picklesCapersDried DillChopped chivesDried parsley Espelette pepper (or cayenne pepper)Lemon juicePinch of black pepperMayonnaise The traditional fish and chips may English, but the accompanying sauce tartare (tartar sauce) is all French. And if you are a lover…


Spicy Rouille Sauce Recipe from Provence

This Recipe uses: Crushed garlicRed chilliesEgg yolksOlive oil  Dijon mustardPinch of saffronPinch of cayenne pepper French cuisine is not particularly known for its spiciness. The rouille sauce from Provence, however, is the exception. Sometimes called the French version of hot…


Simple Tomato Provençale sauce recipe from France

This Recipe uses: ButterCan of whole peeled tomatoesChicken stock Garlic Olive oilVariety of dried herbs (eg. thyme, basil, rosemary, oregano, or bay leaf) Pinch of salt and pepper(Optional) pinch of espelette pepper or cayenne pepper(Optional) chopped onions(Optional) crème fraiche or…


Easy French Béchamel Sauce

This Recipe uses: ButterFlourMilk Pinch of freshly grated nutmegPinch of salt and pepper If you enjoy French cuisine, you may have noticed that the béchamel sauce is the foundation for many classic French dishes that we love today. A classic…


Homemade French Béarnaise Sauce Recipe

This Recipe uses: Egg yolksButterSmall grey eschalot (shallot) onionsDry white wineWhite wine vinegar Pinch of tarragonPinch of salt and pepper(Optional) Fine herbs eg. parsley(Optional) Pinch of espelette or cayenne pepper When people think of French food, a few things that…


Easy French Hollandaise sauce recipe

This Recipe uses: Egg yolksButterLemon Pinch of salt and pepper(Optional) pinch of cayenne pepper Sometimes you just want to jazz up that dry and boring ol' meal. Not to say that your cooking is boring, but you are looking for…