French Music

Get the inside scoop on the most popular songs in France.  From all-time greatest hits, the famous musicians, and even songs for the little ones, there is something for everyone. 


18 Famous French bands to love

The musical scene in France is known for being one of the most prolific and innovative in the world. From rock, hip-hop, heavy metal, folk and pop, there are plenty of talented musicians bringing a distinctly French flavour to the…


18 French female singers you will love

Over the last few decades, the music scene has been undergoing a kind of renaissance, with the rise of French musicians who have reinvented the chanson. From playful verses to softly spoken lyrics that can drive a dagger into your…


17 French male singers you should know

There is something about listening to a song in French, even if you don't entirely understand what is being said. (Let's face it, I don't always understand a song in English either!) But no matter the musical genre, there is…