French Desserts

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Check out classic desserts in France and get easy recipes and tips on how to prepare your favorite French delicacy.

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La Cure Gourmande confiserie shop in Provence

13 Desserts of Provence (Christmas tradition)

If you have visited Provence, you will notice that there are a lot of gourmet chocolate and candy shops in the south of France. Yes, the locals like to eat a lot of sweets, and this is especially the case…


24 Classic French cakes to love

French cakes are some of the most exquisite in the world. Whether you enjoy a tempting millefeuille in the morning, or a baba au rhum after dinner, there are many different kinds of cakes in France to drool over and…


Easy Baba au Rhum recipe from France

This Recipe uses: EggsAll-purpose flourRumButterSugar Pinch of saltBaking powderVanilla extractChantilly cream(Optional) Mixed berries A Baba au rhum is a traditional French cake soaked in a rum-based syrup and topped with chantilly cream. If you are looking for an easy French…