French Side Dishes

french side dishes

Get the recipes for easy French side dishes that the whole family will love. 

Easy French Tartare Sauce recipe

The traditional fish and chips may English, but the accompanying sauce tartare (tartar sauce) is all French. And if you are a lover of seafood and breaded meats, the tartar sauce has to be one of your favorites. A tangy…


Spicy Rouille Sauce Recipe from Provence

French cuisine is not particularly known for its spiciness. The rouille sauce from Provence, however, is the exception. Sometimes called the French version of hot sauce, the rouille is a fast, no-cook sauce that adds serious flavor to everything from…


Easy French Béchamel Sauce

If you enjoy French cuisine, you may have noticed that the béchamel sauce is the foundation for many classic French dishes that we love today. A classic white sauce, the béchamel is a thickened with milk, butter, flour, and at…