Bonjour and Bienvenue!  In France, we have something called the “Art de Vivre”, which about living in the moment and truly looking at the wonder of the world around.  As  a writer and artist, I like to translate that into what I like to call “slow travel”.  Going beyond the surface so that you can see past the historic monuments and imagine what it is like to live here in Paris.

The daily life, the ups and downs, and the everyday moments, let’s dive into the quotidien together.


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differences dining habits between french people and americans

Living in France for so long, there is always a bit of a culture shock every time I return “home”. There are just those small little things that are not like what I’m now used to in France, and make me stop and think “oof, why do we do that!?” And when I say we, I mean those of us from good ol’ North America. This is never truer than when it comes to French vs American dining and eating habits: 1. Drinking a giant coffee on the go The quintessential Starbucks coffee on the way to work in the…

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Picky eaters

14 Reasons that French Kids are not Picky Eaters

Do French kids eat everything? My toddlers would lose their citizenship if this was the case. It is a given, children all over the world hate what they don’t know. The trick for French parents is how to push those picky eaters past that stage. So while my kids have…

Say hello in French

Think you know how to Say Hello in French? Take the Quiz!

You may think you know the basics, but I bet there are certain ones that will you up. After 10 years in France, even I still sometimes get caught on the rules on saying hello in French. I imagine you already know that you should say “Bonjour” if you walk…

French pick up lines

Top 21 French Pick Up Lines to make you laugh

Do things sound better in French, or is it just in my imagination? Will you have more success if you use French pick up lines rather than ones in English? French might be the language of love, but some of these lines are just as cheesy as in any other…

Tourrettes Sur Loup

Visiting the Medieval Village of Tourrettes-Sur-Loup

Tourrettes-Sur-Loup is a charming hill-top village in Provence, known for its violet confectionery and artisan shops. It is easily accessible from cities on the Mediterranean such as Nice, Cannes, and Aix-en-Provence. The medieval city is home to renowned arts and crafts artisans: weaving, pottery, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, crystallized flowers, candied…

Picnic in Paris on the Quai on the river Seine

10 Spots for the Perfect Picnic in Paris

You might have seen the pictures on Instagram: a grassy spot next to the river Seine, with a laughing couple or a group of young people, lounging around with a sparkling glass of wine. A romantic picnic in Paris is the “thing to do”, and not just for tourists. The…

bus on a road in france

10 Best Day Trips from Paris

There is never enough time to see everything in Paris. It is one of those cities with a gazillion nooks and crannies, and no one (even people living here) can cover it all. And so, on top of all that, I will add to your “to-see” list by noting some…

Houses in France

8 Strange Differences between Houses in France and the U.S.

So I have a secret to confess: I am completely addicted to home renovation shows. There is no French version of HGTV, so that is definitely the one thing I binge-watch when I visit North America. All this to say, I consider myself a bit of an armchair expert on…

au clair de la lune

Au Clair de la Lune: The Risqué French Nursery Rhyme

Nobody ever questions nursery rhymes as a child. Au Clair de la Lune is one of those French nursery rhymes that every French kid learns to warble in pre-school. But if you listen to the lyrics for the first time as an adult, you start to question what the heck…

couple in front of Eiffel tower

12 French Love Quotes to make your heart flutter

Tinkling laughter, a few stumbles down ancient cobblestone streets hand in hand with your French lover, quoting sweet nothings in your ear. Is there any place more romantic than Paris in the spring? (Well Paris in winter is equally lovely and the lover doesn’t have to be French, but I…

Serre Chevalier

Skiing at Serre Chevalier: The top resort in the Southern French Alps

While the large ski stations in Alpes du Nord (Northern Alps) concentrate on visitors from Paris, London, and Northern Europe, one ski station attracts a large number of skiers from the South of France: Serre Chevalier. The largest ski station in Alpes du Sud (Southern Alps), Serre Chevalier has 3…

Epiphany meme

3 Kings Day: Epiphany traditions in France

It’s the Jour de l’Epiphanie! Time for some cake! France may be a secular country, but certain Christian traditions are still widely carried on. Three Kings Day, as it is called in English, is inspired by the 3 kings who were traditionally supposed to have visited the baby Jesus with…


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