Bonjour and Bienvenue!  In France, we have something called the “Art de Vivre”, which about living in the moment and truly looking at the wonder of the world around.  As  a writer and artist, I like to translate that into what I like to call “slow travel”.  Going beyond the surface so that you can see past the historic monuments and imagine what it is like to live here in Paris.

The daily life, the ups and downs, and the everyday moments, let’s dive into the quotidien together.


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Coucou informal hello in french

Coucou: The French Informal hello that everyone needs in their life

If there was ever a word to give you that warm fuzzy feeling, Coucou in French is it. The informal French hello, it could be slang, but in a soft and gentle way meaning bonjour. An informal “my darling” kind of thing.  The formal way to say hello in French is “Bonjour”, which literally translates to “Good day”. There are a whole bunch of accompanying rules to saying bonjour properly. French people hold a lot of stock in saying Bonjour as a greeting, before proceeding into further conversation. Even small children are expected to know these manners at a young age. ☞…

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History of Alsace Region

How the Alsace Region influenced Europe’s history

The new region may be called Grand Est (Great East) in France today but to its locals, it remains Alsace. It is the region that has been a tinderbox for centuries in the relations between France and Germany, leading vast armies to fight over it causing millions of deaths. The…

french aperitifs

15 Easy French apéritifs for your next happy hour

France is the land of the apéro. Lazy long evenings spent with family and friends, eating, drinking and making merry. So it stands to reason that there are many French apéritifs here to indulge in. Apéritif – an alcoholic drink before a meal to stimulate the appetite. French definition –…

mise au placard

French Expression: The Infamous “Mise Au Placard”

“Mise au Placard” is one of those French expressions for which there is no English equivalent. It literally translates to being “put in the closet”, and is only used in the context of the French workplace. The reason there is no direct English translation is that the condition leading to…


10 Fabulous French Digestifs that you need after dinner

You might have guessed from the french word: digestif, meaning “to digest”. The typical dinner in France tends to be very long. With several entrées, mains, bread, fruits, and cheeses, the French have realized over the years that you need a strong alcoholic after-dinner drink afterward to wash it all…

French after school snacks

French Snacks: 10 ideas for an after-school nibble

So I should say right off the bat that French people don’t really snack. The afternoon goûter in France is something that is reserved for children, that most French adults give up once they start their working lives. Nonetheless, attitudes are changing and with that, I have put together a…

French Goûter

The Afternoon Goûter: Snacking like the French

If you are wondering what a “Goûter” is, you’ve come to the right place. To translate literally from French, it is a verb meaning “to taste”. In this case though, it has become a noun, referring to the mealtime in between lunch and dinner. An afternoon snack. Goûter – meaning…

cost of living in paris france

Anatomy of the Cost of Living in Paris, France (2020)

Asking what is the cost of living in Paris and France, is like asking how long is a piece of string. The answer is “it depends”. Paris isn’t France, and the cost of living across France varies as widely as the cost of living in the U.S. varies from Manhattan…

faire le pont

The Meaning of “Faire le Pont” (French Expressions)

The expression “faire le pont” probably happens in everywhere around the world, but the reason it is a notable expression is that it happens so often here in France. Or at least in the life of the average French office worker. The word-for-word translation to English is to “make a…

Spinach and cheese quiche

Spinach and Cheese Quiche: The Essential French Recipe

I suppose a spinach and cheese quiche is one of those indispensable French recipes, that every French person has in their arsenal. Quite easy to make and comes out well every time. I should note that while quiche is considered a French recipe, there have been variations of quiche in…

ratatouille recipe

The classic French Ratatouille Recipe

The classic French ratatouille recipe is one that sounds more complicated to make than it is. You probably have more difficulty pronouncing it, than making it. Unless you have watched the Disney-Pixar movie of course, then you are probably already on top of it! (It is pronounced “ra-ta-touiye”). Ratatouille is…


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