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Resources: Exploring France

For tips and recommendations in Paris, please see below.  For the other regions in France, please have a look at the following Section Guides:

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Favorite Things to do in Paris

I have a Bucket List of things to do in Paris, but here are my favorites that I would highly recommend you book in advance (space is limited!). France is the most visited country in the world, and in the summertime, Paris is buzzing with tourists.

It can be very difficult to get tickets, and queues are long. I recommend heading early to the big sights so that you don’t miss out.

You can read more about the top things to do in Paris here, and there is a free printable at the bottom to take with you on your travels.

Paris Hotel Recommendations

You may want to read my detailed guide on each arrondissement in Paris and where to stay. Or if you are in a hurry, here are my favorite places to stay in Paris.  





Favorite Day trips from Paris

Browse through my full list of the best day trips from Paris, but if you would like the short version, I would these are my “must-dos”: