Best French Curse Words: Swearing like a Parisian

Best French Curse Words: Swearing like a Parisian

Everyone reaches their limit at a certain point. Sometimes you just need to curse out loud, and swear to the heavens.

French people are not afraid of cursing. If you live in Paris, this might be more often than not. The crowded metros, constant traffic jams, everyone is always in a rush and can be quite aggressive about it. It is why Parisians have a reputation for being rude.

Well if you can’t beat them, you might as well join them. The curse words below are for general swearing, without insulting anyone’s mother directly. (For that I will direct you to my post on French insults!) .

I wouldn’t recommend you throw these around at the office, or if you are trying to get good service at a restaurant because that server will immediately retaliate back. Use in moderation, as with all things.

Without further ado, my best French curse words, for you to enjoy:

French Curse WordEnglish Translation
Putain!Whore (Shit)!
Je m’en fiche!I couldn’t care less!
Je m’en fou!I don’t care (strong)!
Tu me gonfles!You are pissing me off!
Dégage !Go away!
J’en ai ras le bolI’m fed up!
Ça pue!That stinks!
Ta gueuleYour mouth (shut up)!
Ferme ta gueule!Shut your mouth!
Quel bordel!What a mess!
Bordel!Crap! (Whorehouse)
La Vache!Holy cow!

If you are looking for one that is rather soft, you can go with “La Vache” which goes with any and all occasions. The word “Putain” is another of those multi-functional words that can be used to express sadness, anger, joy, disgust, surprise, and confusion all individually or at the same time. It is like the Swiss army knife of swear words!


If you would like to download this list to memorize, please see our free flashcards. Are there any other swear words you can think of? Comment below and let me know.

A bientôt!

¹ Featured Image: by Matthew Henry

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