Vallon des Auffes: Travel guide to the fishing village in Marseille

Explore picturesque Vallon des Auffes, the former fishing village in the 7th arrondissement of Marseille.
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If you are visiting Marseille and looking for that instagram-worthy picturesque spot, apart from the Vieux Port and Notre Dame de la Garde, the slightly hidden Vallon des Auffes is it.

About 5 minutes from Catalans beach and 20-minute walk from the Vieux Port, there is a small former fishing village called Vallon des Auffes. With a large bridge called the “Pont de la corniche Kennedy”, it is in the heart of Marseille’s 7th arrondissement and one of the most picturesque sites in the city.

Bar terrasse in Vallon des Auffes harbor

One thing to note, the entrance to Vallon des Auffes is a little hidden. There are narrow staircases down if you are coming from the back of the Vallon, but if you are coming from the Vieux Port, you can miss it entirely.

Walking along the large avenue called La Corniche John Kennedy, you will cross a large monument that serves as a war memorial.

Vallon des Auffes: Travel guide to the fishing village in Marseille 1

To get to Vallon des Auffes, you actually have to take a small staircase next to the memorial and go under the large bridge that spans the harbour. It is not the most accessible-friendly path, so if you are traveling with a wheelchair or stroller, so you may want to double-check your plans.

Bridge spanning Vallon des Auffes - La Corniche
Bridge spanning Vallon des Auffes – View from the seaside

Once you do enter the Vallon, you will see beautiful colorful pastel houses, plenty of fishing boats and small restaurant terrasses. It is a wonderful spot to indulge in an apéro at sunset, so grab your spot early!

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