June already? Sun, fun, and a pass sanitaire (2/6/2021)

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Time flies when you’re having fun! Or stuck in lockdown. Either way, here we are and it is June! The sun is finally shining in Paris, the restaurant terraces and museums are open, and the vaccine rollout is swimming along.

For all of their anti-vax sentiment, French people are lining up to get their vaccines, yours truly included. And that is because along with it, you get a little bar code that you can put your phone, that will be the basis for the greatest and latest pass sanitaire. Basically, that little bar code could get you into crowded places like a concert, an airplane, etc. that would otherwise be interdit (not allowed).

So if you are thinking of coming to France this summer, better hop on those vaccines. How does it work for tourists? No idea, I presume they will “figure it out”. While it isn’t official yet, the rule is supposed to be “fully vaccinated” as in 2 doses. As in, get those 2 doses in before the July-August hols, and we can all leave this craziness behind and get on with it.

Anyway, beyond that TED talk/vaccine update, it was Mother’s day in France this past weekend. No, it is not on the same day as in the US/Canada or the UK, and yes it is very difficult trying to keep track of all the different days. Especially when you add in that grandmother’s day is also different, and you are trying to remember what day to call which parent/grandparent. Surely every day is the day you tell your mom you love her, right?

In other news from France:

  • France is sending the U.S. a new Statue of Liberty! Not to keep, this one is a loaner, to “represents the two countries’ shared history and spirit of friendship”. Politico reports that the new statue will be less that 3 meters tall (9 ft) and will arrive on the 4th of July.There seems to be a rather large caveat here though because, it will be placed in the garden of the French ambassador’s Washington, D.C. residence, which would technically be French soil, not American. Plus it will remain for only 10 years as a loan from the Conservatoire du Quai d’Orsay. So not really a gift after all, just lawn decoration.
  • The French contestant came in 2nd in Eurovision. The song by Barbara Pravi was angsty and deep, like a new Edith Piaf. I can’t say it is going to turn into one of those classic hits, but it was France’s best showing in over 30 years. (It costs to vote, and French people can’t be bothered. It was the first time I’ve tuned in myself, after 10 years!) Apparently 5.5m people tuned into this. You can judge for yourself here.
  • A new French restaurant has decided to serve up mealworms. I can’t say I’ll be eating here anytime soon.

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