6 Best No-Cook Meals from France

The best no-cook meals from French cuisine that are perfect for those hot and lazy days when no one wants to cook on a stove.
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Cooking can be a real drag. And when the weather is warm, and summer turns up the temperature, the idea of slaving over a hot stove becomes even more unappealing. And that is where the French idea of using the freshest ingredients from your local farmer’s market to prepare a quick no-cook meal comes in.

The french idea of gringoter, meaning to eat small bites or nibble, is quite prevelant when we are looking at French no-cook meals. Like most, French people work long hours, and at the end of the day, are just looking for a quick dish to put together that is filling.

From easy salads to a combination of hams and cheeses that you can eat it anywhere, on the late-night back patio, watching tv, by the pool, or even on a picnic blanket, there is plenty to choose from when you are just looking to put a meal together with something from the fridge. And just because it is quick, doesn’t mean it has to be unhealthy. French food is also about fresh produce, which keeps the cuisine light and healthy.

So for those who find that there are only a certain number of hours in a day (and who don’t have a personal chef on standby!), here are my favorite French no-cook summer meals. These recipes are simple to assemble and easy to eat so that you can focus on enjoying the company of friends and family. So allons-y!


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6 Best No-Cook Meals from France

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