8 Traditional French Starters to pique your tastebuds

We put together our favorite easy starter recipes with that French Je ne sais quoi. Gradually building in flavors and tantalizing the tastebuds, these French starters will wow one and all.
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The French tradition of having loooong dinners means that you need a way to break up the meal. And thus was born the entrée, plat, dessert (starter, main, dessert).

Eating slowly, gradually building up the flavors, and tantalizing the tastebuds, all the while enjoying the company of family and friends, this is what we like to think French dining is all about. (On the other hand, it could just be a way to get everyone to eat small portions of everything and finish their plate, for all those picky eaters out there!)

Nevertheless, without further ado, here are a few typical French starters that are will start off your meal with a bang.

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8 Traditional French Starters to pique your tastebuds

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