A lazy summer of protest? (27/7/2021)

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Bienvenue à l’ete in France… where nothing much happens! I have to say, I struggled writing this week’s newsletter because there is not much happening at the moment, everyone is on holiday.

That is, other than those few protesters who are protesting the French “pass sanitaire” that is now required to get into everything from movie theatres to restaurants to certain trains. As is typical, it is the extreme left and the extreme right who seem to be most concernend. About 100k people across France have protested, but more than 5 million have signed up to get their vaccines. So I guess it is pretty clear how that is going.

Anywhoo, other than that there is the Olympics, which is fun especially since France will be hosting the 2024 Summer Games. Which seems like a lifetime away, when we hope finally to put this crise sanitaire behind us.

Until then, everybody to a terrasse!

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