213 French Cat Names: Cute Kitten names with meanings

Get a selection of best French cat names for that little feline, and the French rules for naming a cat. That new little kitten deserves the best.
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If you’ve fallen in love with your new little kitten and are looking for a name, why not get inspired by popular names in la Belle France? You could go with something like Paris (pronounced par-ee), but if you are looking for something more interesting, I’ve got a ton of delicious and unique French cat names for you to pick from.

There are of course the cute and funny cat names like:

  • Monsieur Le Chat – Monsieur the Cat
  • Madame La Chat – Madame the Cat
  • Chatouille – tickle
  • Chaton – kitten
  • Minou/Minette – little cat
  • Pepe Le Pew – the cat-chasing French skunk on Bugs Bunny

But there are a lot more unique French felines monikers than that. Spoiler alert, my favorite is Coquine (naughty tease), but let’s do things officially shall we?

Naming Purebreds in France

Now, if you really wanted to do things like the French, you have to pick a name based on the year the cat was born. Each year has a designated letter, and the name must be picked with that letter, for that year.

This is similar to French dog names, where purebred cats born in France are recorded in a genealogical register. Since 1901 by an association called Fédération pour la gestion du Livre Officiel des Origines félines (LOOF) has been keeping track of purebred cats by name, race, birthdate, genealogy, etc.

Following the canine rules, the letters run in alphabetical order, for example, R for cats born in 2020. The LOOF initially kept the same rule as dogs that certain letters like K, Q, W, X, Y, and Z were excluded from the list because there were too few names starting with those letters.

However, since it seems rather a shame that people couldn’t give their kitten a name beginning with K, the rule was changed in 2014 to allow those letters to become alternatives in the year of the letter preceding them.

The alphabet naming goes as follows:

YearName Starting withExamples of Names
2015LLeelou, Leroux, Letchi, Limonade
2016MMonet, Matisse, Minouche, Moustache
2017NNanette, Nicolette, Noisette, Neige
2018OOdette, Ophelie, Obelix, Olivette
2019P or QPaulette, Pierrette, Pilou, Patapouf, Quatre
2020RRisette, Reinnette, Ripley, Romeo
2021SSuzette, Saphir, Saturne, Schtroumpf
2022TTigrou, Titoune, Trésor, Tambour
2023UUmtiti, Utopie, Ultra, Uzzi
2024V, W, X, Y or ZVelours, Vadrouille Vedette, Yaourt, Zizou
2025AAlphonse, Amiral, Arc-en-ciel, Atchoum
2026BBabette, Bisou, Bonaparte, Bastille
2027CCeline, Clochette, Calîn, Chatou
2028DDuchesse, Doudoune, Diablo, Dormeur
2029EEtoile, Epice, Eclair, Eustache
2030FFrimousse, Figaro, Fripon, Farine
2031GGrisette, Galipette, Gauffre, Gourmand
2032HHermes, Hameau, Haussmann, Hélix
2033IIsidor, Indou, Idée, Ilot
2034J or KJacadi, Julliet, Juju, Kikou
Note: You can find the meanings of these names below.

Now, of course, most cat lovers are not interested in registering their cats and so don’t need to be constrained by these rules. For all the rule-flouters out there (I count myself amongst them, I did like Coquine after all), we’ve got a lot more intriguing names to get to!

Female Feline Names

Now there are a great many French names for girls, but we’re looking for ones that specifically work well with cats. Names like Gisele and Sophie are absolutely lovely, but they also work well for children.

Here I’ve tried to go for names that you wouldn’t necessarily name a child, and you can click the link below it for general female french names as well.

  1. Aimée – beloved
  2. Angèlique – angel
  3. Antoinette – named after Marie-Antoinette
  4. Babette – small baby
  5. Belle – beautiful
  6. Biscotte – biscuit
  7. Blanche – white
  8. Bleue – blue
  9. Boulette – mistake
  10. Camille – perfect
  11. Celine – sky
  12. Cendrillon – Cinderella in French
  13. Chantal – after the verb chanter meaning to sing
  14. Chouquette – a type of french pastry
  15. Clareto – illustrious”; Provencal female version of “Claire”.
  16. Claudette – enclosure
  17. Clémentine – a type of orange
  18. Clochette – from “fée clochette“, which is French for Tinkerbell (from Peter Pan)
  19. Colette – victorious
  20. Coquelicot – the poppy flower
  21. Coquette – a tease
  22. Cosette – small and tiny
  23. Desirée – desired one
  24. Démoiselle – lady, from mademoiselle. Can sometimes be a courtesan.
  25. Doudoune – blanket
  26. Duchesse – duchess
  27. Farine – flour
  28. Florine – flowering
  29. Frimousse – face of someone young
  30. Felicienne – version of feline
  31. Ficelle – string
  32. Galipette – from the French expression “faire des galipettes“, meaning to tumble around
  33. Gamine – playful, young girl
  34. Gisele – bright light
  35. Grisette – a type of candy from Montpellier; popular name for a cat in France
  36. Jacadi – name of a children’s clothing store in France
  37. Jolie – pretty
  38. Julliet – justice
  39. Jolie – pretty
  40. Libellule – dragonfly
  41. Lourdes – a city named after a saint in France
  42. Lyonette – after the city of Lyon in the France
  43. Maëlle, Maëlie – princess, typical Celtic/Breton female name
  44. Manette – a video game controller (eg. for playstation)
  45. Miette – crumbs
  46. Minou – nickname for cat
  47. Minouche – small cat
  48. Mistigri – feline that could be domesticated
  49. Myrtille – blueberry
  50. Mystique – a quality of glamor
  51. Nanette – grace
  52. Nicolette – victory
  53. Noisette – small nut
  54. Odette – rich heritage
  55. Olivette – from the “olive” which is grown in Provence
  56. Ophelie – one who saves
  57. Paulette – small, humble
  58. Perle – pearl
  59. Pierrette – female version of Pierre
  60. Reinnette – Small queen
  61. Risette – one who sings
  62. Satine – satin
  63. Sucette – lollipop
  64. Suzette – from the name “Susanne”
  65. Tartiflette – a cheesy potato dish
  66. Toulouse – a city in the south of France
  67. Vedette – celebrity star
  68. Yuna – variation of the name “Yvonne”, celtic female name after saint from Wales.

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Male Cat Names

For male cats, I love French names like Amboise or Rouen which sound quite regal. A lot of these names are named after places or people, with that aristocratic touch.

Here are my top male French names for cats:

  1. Alphonse – noble
  2. Amand – almond, lover
  3. Amboise – a city in the Loire Valley
  4. Aslan – meaning “lion”
  5. Barnabé – after the Saint Barnaby
  6. Barthélemy – after the Saint Bartholomew
  7. Beauregard – good-looking one
  8. Boursin – a type of French cheese spread
  9. Cezanne – a famous French painter
  10. Chanceux – lucky one
  11. Chevalier – knight
  12. Dagobert – after a French King in a children’s song, male name of Celtic origin
  13. Descartes – a French philosopher
  14. Eustache – fertile, rhymes with moustache
  15. Fabrice – craftsman
  16. Félix – happy
  17. Figaro – named after a French newspaper called “le Figaro”
  18. Filou – short nickname for Philipe
  19. Franc – old name for French person. Variation can be the Breton male name “Fragan” and the Provençal boys’ name “Frances”
  20. Fripon – meaning naughty
  21. Gaillard – popular name in the south of France, meaning courageous
  22. Gin – for the alchoholic drink
  23. Gouda – a type of cheese
  24. Grenouille – frog
  25. Grincheux – grumpy
  26. Hameau – isolated home or place
  27. Haussmann – after Baron Haussmann who was the architect who rebuilt Paris in the 19th century
  28. Hélix – spiral
  29. Hipo – from the old French name Hippolyte
  30. Hisop – very old name
  31. Houpett – after the last name “huppe”, which is a type of bird
  32. Isidor – gift
  33. Jardin – garden
  34. Jouer (m) – playful male (Joueuse is the female version)
  35. Kaput – broken
  36. Lafayette – after the Marquis Lafayette
  37. Leroux – redhead
  38. Leroy – after the French hardware store Leroy Merlin
  39. Lutin – elf
  40. Magou – after the french word “magouille”, meaning a bit of a mess or a maneuver
  41. Marcel – old French name, meaning “dedicated to Mars”
  42. Maximilien – greatest
  43. Moustache – mustache
  44. Nostradamus – after the French astrologer from St-Rémy de Provence
  45. Obelix – after the Asterix and Obelix comics
  46. Orfeus – meaning “obscurity in the night”
  47. Ourson – small bear
  48. Patapouf – cute name for “fat little one”
  49. Philou – short nickname for Philipe
  50. Pilou – nickname in Brittany
  51. Pipou – excited, awake
  52. Quatre – meaning four in French
  53. Rafale – after the French fighter jet
  54. Ripley – compensation
  55. Romeo – from Rome
  56. Rouen – city in France
  57. Sartre – after the French philosopher and writer Jean-Paul Sartre
  58. Saturne – after the planet Saturn
  59. Schtroumpf – the TV show Smurf in French
  60. Stylo – meaning “pen” in English
  61. Tambour – meaning “drum” in English
  62. Tchoupi – pronounced “choupi”, after the French children’s book series and cartoon
  63. Thibert – brilliant
  64. Tigrou – Tigger in French (from Winne the Pooh)
  65. Titoune – a boy
  66. Uno – after the card game
  67. Valentin – Valentine in French (male)
  68. Vicomte – A French nobility title

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Unisex Cat Names

Now for unisex cat names, the sky is the limit! And I mean that literally, Ciel, meaning sky.

  1. Altesse – Your highness
  2. Amiral – admiral
  3. Arc-en-ciel – rainbow
  4. Atchoum – the French sound for a sneeze
  5. Bisou – kiss
  6. Bastille – after the Place de la Bastille in Paris, where the French revolution started
  7. Bijou – jewel
  8. Bonaparte – after Napoleon Bonaparte
  9. Bonbon – candy
  10. Calîn(e) – hug, cuddle
  11. Ciel – sky
  12. Chanel – after the French fashion house and designer Coco Chanel
  13. Croissant – french breakfast pastry
  14. Chatou – small cat
  15. Coeur – heart
  16. Crue – flood
  17. Diamant – diamond
  18. Diablo – devil
  19. Déjà – already
  20. Dijon – a city in France
  21. Dormeur – sleeper
  22. Eau – water
  23. Eclair – a type of french dessert
  24. ElyséePalais Elysée, the residence of the French President near the Champs Elysées in Paris
  25. Epice – a spice
  26. Etoile – a star
  27. Floçon – snowflake
  28. Foi – faith
  29. Fondue – melted cheese used as a bread dip
  30. Fripouille – scoundrel
  31. Gauffre – a waffle
  32. Gourmand(e) – lover of fine foods
  33. Grisouille – grey
  34. Hermes – after French fashion house and designer Thierry Hermès
  35. Idée – idea
  36. Ilot – small island
  37. Indou – little one
  38. Jaune – Yellow
  39. Juju – nickname for Julien
  40. KikouFrench slang for hello, coucou
  41. Leelou – good at combat
  42. Letchi – a type of fruit
  43. Limonade – lemonade
  44. Lumière – light
  45. Lune – moon
  46. Maël – chief, traditional celtic name
  47. Matisse – after French artist Henri Matisse
  48. Milou – worker
  49. Monet – after French artist Claude Monet
  50. Neige – snow
  51. Noel/Noelle – Christmas
  52. Papillon – butterfly
  53. Parfait – perfect
  54. Pepère – father
  55. Pitchoun – little one (French term of endearment)
  56. Pluie – rain
  57. Raclette – a cheesy dish with potatoes and charcuterie
  58. Rescousse – rescue
  59. Rouge – red
  60. Rue – street
  61. Saphir – saphire
  62. Soufflé – a French pastry dish filled with cheese
  63. Trésor – treasure
  64. Umtiti – after French football player Samuel Umtiti
  65. Utopie – utopia
  66. Ultra – really extreme
  67. Uzzi – my power
  68. Velours – velvet
  69. Vadrouille – type of comic show
  70. Voyou – scoundrel
  71. Yaourt – yogurt
  72. Zizou – nickname of French football player Zinadine Zidane

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Picking a French name

Now, there are several tips to picking a French cat name:

  1. First of all, pick a short and pronounceable name that you are comfortable using on an everyday basis. If it is too convoluted, you won’t be happy with the name.
  2. Secondly, make sure you know the meaning of the name of your cat. If someone asks you at a picnic what the name of your cat means, you should be able to explain it.
  3. And finally, pick the name you love! There is no need to worry about what other people think, pick a crazy, out-of-the-box name and you will be happier for it.

So have you found the perfect French cat name for your little sweetheart? Comment below and let me know. For even more names, head over to my lists of girl, boy, and unisex baby names. A bientôt!

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