Ooh La La! – Roundup #2

Ooh La La! – Roundup #2

Round-up time!  Read anything good lately?  Comment below and we may include it in our next edition!

Swarms of Influencers invade Parisian Street by The Cut
This street looks more like Bermuda to me than classic Paris, but to each his own! 

Restoring an Avenue in Paris Meant for Kings by the NY Times
Most Parisians actually rarely go on the Champs Elysées, too many tourists! But as much as Paris is sometimes called a living museum, there is always a good amount of renovations going on in the city.  

Six Top Dinner Cruises in Paris by the Paris Insiders Guide 
It’s been a while since I’ve been on one of these, so taking notes.

Parisian Teahouse will open in first U.S. Location by Eater NY
If you are in Manhattan, be sure to go for afternoon high tea!

Why Avignon Is the Best Town in the South of France by Departures.com
One of my favorite places in the world! One thing this article doesn’t mention is that there is a giant theatre festival each July called the Festival d’Avignon. If you like french theatre/dance/performances and crowds, definitely go check it out, but if you prefer a more quieter visit, then plan around it.  (P.S. If you do go in the summer, keep in mind that not everywhere in France is airconditioned, even the theatres!)

The Palace of Versailles is set to receive a block of marble ordered a mere 400 years ago by The Local.fr 
A mere revolution is not going to stop them.  Like Amazon, they’ve located that missing delivery and are now on their way.  By chariot and by boat, the same way it was originally going to be delivered!

Joke of the day:  

Ooh La La! - Roundup #2 1
Logical little ones, aren’t they!?
Ooh La La! - Roundup #2

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