Quiz: Do you know your French Cuisine?

French food may be all the rage these days, but take the quiz to see how you fare with the cooking terms and cuisine techniques à la française.
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With a rich and diverse cuisine, French foods are some of the most delicious in the world. From the traditional dishes like crème brulée, cassoulet and coq au vin to more exotic fare such as escargot, foie gras and tartare, French food and their chefs have taken the world by storm.

You may know your “sous vide” from your “bain marie“, but I thought it might be fun to have a look at other French cooking terms and cuisine techniques.

There are many different regional cuisines within France, and many iconic dishes that are well known internationally. But there are some that can be quite the mystery.

So, if you’re planning a trip to Paris or just want to practice your French cooking at home, here’s a quiz to test your knowledge on French cuisine. Keep track of your answers, and check how you’ve done at the end.


1. Which one of these is not an apéritif?

  • a) Kir
  • b) Cognac
  • c) Picon
  • d) Pastis

2. Which one of these is not a starter?

  • a) Escargots
  • b) Foie gras on toast
  • c) Melon au porto
  • d) Cassoulet

Main Dishes

3. Which one of these French stews is usually vegetarian?

  • a) Bouillabaisse
  • b) Bourguignon
  • c) Coq au vin
  • d) Ratatouille

4. Which of these dishes does not use cheese?

  • a) Aligot
  • b) Raclette
  • c) Fondue
  • d) Blanquette
main dish illustration

5. Which of these salads is not based on a region in France?

  • a) Salade Niçoise
  • b) Salade Flamande
  • c) Salade Normande
  • d) Salade Alsaciene

6. For the French cooking technique “au Gratin“, which appliance will you need?

  • a) Crêpe maker
  • b) Food steamer
  • c) Oven
  • d) Slow cooker

7. Which of these wines is not French?

  • a) Beaujolais
  • b) Médoc
  • c) Lambrusco
  • d) Chablis


cheese  illustration

8. Which of these cheeses is not French?

  • a) Laughing cow
  • b) Reblochon
  • c) Camembert
  • d) Gouda

9. Cognac is a French variety of which alcohol?

  • a) Brandy
  • b) Whiskey
  • c) Rum
  • d) Tequila
cafe gourmand illustration

10. What is the favourite dessert that French people eat at Christmas?

  • a) Bûche
  • b) Tarte tartin
  • c) Pêche melba
  • d) Clafoutis

So how did you do? If you enjoyed that quiz, you may want to read more trivia facts about French food here. For more fun, don’t forget to check out our other quizzes. A bientôt!

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