French Winter dishes: 9 Recipes to warm you up

French Winter dishes: 9 Recipes to warm you up
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If you have ever been to France in winter, you know that it gets cold. From the rains of Paris to the windy mistrals of Marseille, there is nothing like a warm and hearty meal after a long day in freezing temperatures. French winter dishes tend to include a lot of cheese, heavy sauces, meat, and potatoes, everything that promises to warm up the insides.

A lot of the French winter dishes are actually inspired by the France’s culture of skiing. With many excellent ski resorts in the French Alps, a gathering with friends and family over a sumptuous cheesy fondue or a hearty tartiflette is a must.

As an expat turned local here in Paris, I certainly have my favorites. A mouthwatering fondue or a nourishing boeuf bourguignon? Let’s have a look at the best of these French winter food recipes. Allons-y!


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. French Winter dishes: 9 Recipes to warm you up

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