Wondering what life is like in France? Whether you are planning on living abroad or just dreaming about the French way of life, get ready to hear about our adventures in daily life, family life, and learning French. The mistakes expats make,  the cost of living, we uncover the truth about living in Paris.

Living in France

Illustration of Couple walking with baby near Notre Dame and the bouquinistes in Paris

If you are not sure where to start, I recommend starting here:

13 Funny Things Kids Say: the French Edition
Photo by Matthew Henry ¹

13 Funny Things Kids Say: the French Edition

Young Kids say a lot of funny things. I always want to record them chatting, because it is simply hilarious. And it adds a whole different level when those kids are born-and-bred little Frenchies. The Expressions 1) "Berk" instead of…